When considering the advantages of automotive aluminum from production to use and end-of-life, it provides more value than competing materials. For automakers, value accounts for the cost of material and production to emissions saved and amount of mass reduction achieved, in addition to the many other inherent design advantages of automotive aluminum. In a finished vehicle, value is also driven by battery range and miles per gallon increases, superior safety and the lowest environmental impact possible on the road.

The benefits are known, yet aluminum suppliers continue to innovate by expediting development time in order to bring to market next-generation aluminum products that are even more affordable, stronger, corrosion-resistant and sustainable than current alloys. And, as the aluminum industry collaborates with automakers to infuse even more value into modern aluminum solutions, digital innovations will drive cost reduction and information sharing across the aluminum value chain.

Aluminum drives value today and is helping build better vehicles for tomorrow, serving as a key enabler for electric, autonomous and mixed-powertrain, next-generation innovations.

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