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Roadmap for Automotive Aluminum


As the fastest growing automotive material, preferred by engineers for both internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric vehicles (EV), aluminum will drive the design of next-generation mobility solutions. Automakers and suppliers alike are innovating at rapid pace to set trends and respond to an ever-changing landscape of consumer demands and global priorities to protect the planet.

To address these trends and remain in lockstep with environmental priorities, the aluminum industry heard a call from automakers for greater collaboration and co-engineering to understand key technologies aluminum producers are working on near-and long-term. The 2022 Roadmap for Automotive Aluminum, a blueprint developed collaboratively among aluminum producers, answers that call by identifying research and development (R&D) goals to advance aluminum production for the next decade.

Aluminum suppliers are eager to continue working with automotive customers to address the industry’s most pressing needs—from performance and safety to emissions. View the video below and please download the full Roadmap for Automotive Aluminum today.

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