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Sustainability and LCAs

To better inform sustainability initiatives in automotive the ATG is constantly updating our life cycle analysis (LCA) studies. Understanding our impact on the environment is the best way to mitigate it moving forward.

Cars, COVID-19 and Climate Change: Driving Sustainability Forward
Automotive Life Cycle Assessment: Fact Checking Steel Industry Studies (June 2020)
Life Cycle Analysis: Addressing Bias in Steel Industry Claims (April 2020)
Fuel Economy with Aluminum (2019 National Academies of Sciences Webinar)
LCA Report: EDAG Silverado Body Lightweighting (August 2018)
Automotive Aluminum Recycling at End of Life | A Grave-to-Gate Analysis
Meeting Fuel Economy & Emissions Regulations with Aluminum (Les Rendez-vous de Transport 2016)
Life Cycle Assessment | Energy and CO2 Emissions of Aluminum-Intensive Vehicles
Aluminum Superior in Shedding Mass, Boosting MPG, Reducing CO2
Weight Reduction with Aluminum
The Element of Sustainability

Other Resource Areas

Aluminum Roadmap

The aluminum industry shares R&D pathways for collaboration with automakers in a rapidly evolving market to advance aluminum production over the next decade.

Technical and Design Information

The ATG commissions research on a variety of topics from corrosion to joining and more, to measure aluminum’s value in automotive design. 

Outlooks & Ducker

Learn about the fastest growing automotive material’s projected market penetration.