The Aluminum Transportation Group serves as a central resource on all aluminum in transportation topics.

At the heart of our work is credible research that quantifies the increasingly beneficial value aluminum offers in sustainability, performance and safety. The resources offered here represent the aluminum industry’s unwavering commitment to helping automakers design the most advanced vehicles ever imagined.  

Aluminum Value in BEVs

New research by FEV North America confirms aluminum’s value in battery electric vehicles. The study includes an analysis of three vehicle segments and finds aluminum is an economically attractive mass reduction tool in each segment to improve performance and efficiency in BEVs, as automakers strive to decarbonize the transportation industry.

Resource Areas

Aluminum Roadmap

The aluminum industry shares R&D pathways for collaboration with automakers in a rapidly evolving market to advance aluminum production over the next decade.

Technical & Design Information

The ATG commissions research on a variety of topics from corrosion to joining and more, to measure aluminum’s value in automotive design. 

Outlooks & Ducker

Learn about the fastest growing automotive material’s projected market penetration.

Sustainability & LCAs

Aluminum provides sustainability without sacrifice. Read about the metal’s life cycle analysis and environmental impact.

Research Highlights

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