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Aluminum Industry Statement: Fuel Economy Standards Announcement

Downweighting with Aluminum Part of Solution to Meeting Proposed Fuel Economy Standards Announced by the Obama Administration, Aluminum Industry Says

As the Obama Administration, automakers, the UAW and environmentalists joined together in support of soon-to-be proposed fuel economy standards, the following statement was issued by Randall Scheps, Chairman of the Aluminum Association’s Aluminum Transportation Group:

“Today’s announcement on pending fuel economy standards marks a major milestone for the auto industry and the consumers it serves. The new standards will speed the transition to a more efficient fleet – which will use stronger, lower weight materials like aluminum.

Vehicles downweighted with aluminum are inherently more fuel efficient than heavier ones made from steel. Down weighting with aluminum doesn’t sacrifice safety, size or performance which consumers demand. Plus, it enables other cost savings in the vehicle by accommodating downsized powertrains. Aluminum is already the dominant material in the engine and wheel markets and is quickly gaining market share in hoods, trunks and doors. Several leading vehicles use all-aluminum bodies, and we will see more vehicles go all aluminum in the next 10 years.

This is an exciting time for the auto industry and for aluminum.   We are at the leading edge of a large scale conversion from heavy steel to aluminum and the consumer and the environment will be the ultimate beneficiaries.”

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About the Aluminum Transportation Group

The Aluminum Association Inc.’s Aluminum Transportation Group (ATG), communicates the benefits of aluminum in ground transportation applications to help accelerate its penetration through research programs and related outreach activities.  The ATG’s mission is to serve member companies and act as a central resource for the automotive and commercial vehicle industries on aluminum issues.  Members of the ATG include:  Alcoa Inc., Novelis Inc., Alcan Inc, Aluminum Precision Products Inc., Hydro, Kaiser Aluminum Corporation and Sapa Group.

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