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Life Cycle Analysis: Addressing Bias in Steel Industry Claims (April 2020)

The Aluminum Association, as the leading voice representing the North American aluminum industry, offers a critical look at the quantitative environmental assessment method of life cycle assessment (LCA) in a new article featured in Light Metal Age’s April 2020 issue. Credibility is the key to continued success in this evolving automotive market. As aluminum’s environmental impact is misrepresented by competitors, the aluminum industry is compelled to respond with verifiable facts.

Research Highlights

  • Research work done by the steel industry manipulates key factors in its LCA model to create false advantages to producing products with steel. 
  • More accurate information about producing products with steel would reveal that greater aluminum use is more beneficial in various aspects. 
  • Bias in steel research work violates basic ISO principles and rules about making comparative assertions intended for public use. 

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