Automotive aluminum is reshaping modern mobility. Driving the aluminum industry is its unwavering commitment to helping automakers design the safest, strongest and most carbon neutral vehicles ever. 

Recent Research

Data drives us. Read the Aluminum Transportation Group’s latest research. 

Roadmap for Automotive Aluminum

The 2022 Roadmap for Automotive Aluminum addresses the industry’s most pressing needs—from performance and safety to emissions. This blueprint answers the call for advanced research, greater collaboration and co-engineering among automakers and aluminum suppliers.  

If Aluminum Could Tell Stories

A metal that offers sustainability, capability, safety and increased intrinsic value is well rounded and finds itself in many applications. Body sheet, body structures, wheels, brakes, the list goes on. But what stories would those alloys tell? One alloy might recount the harrowing tale of a life saved after absorbing the crash energy destined for the driver, another boasts of its commitment to closing the loop to protect the environment and increase recyclability, and yet another tells of the many races it’s won and fuel/energy saved by helping vehicles shed excess weight. Drive Aluminum tells these untold stories of the material creating a better automotive future. And the stories all end the same, aluminum builds a better vehicle.